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With Brussels Rentals' rental management services you don't have to worry about anything when renting out your apartment: be it the assessment of a rental price, the optimal presentation of property, the execution of viewings, the rental contracts, or the handover of apartments for rent in Brussels.

Register your property
You can register your apartment or house conveniently online - it is also possible to do so in person, or by telephone. The more precise your details are in this process, the more efficient our property managers will be in finding the appropriate expat tenant. Personal contact is important to us: your contact person will advise you, answer your questions and coordinate all appointments.

Preparation of the property
If required, our housing consultant will view your apartment or house beforehand, in order to give you better advice, for example, regarding the equipment and furnishings for your property, and of course for the determination of the right rental price. In addition, the viewing will give us a better picture of your rental property and allow us to give prospective tenants the most accurate information.

The ideal presentation
Our rental management services include presentation of all apartments in Brussels with photos, appealing description and a virtual tour: professional pictures of your rental property in Brussels will be taken on the appointed date to make digital photos of all rooms, as well as of important details and special features, including the surroundings. This allows potential tenants to view your rental apartment or house online, saving everyone involved a lot of time.

Maximum exposure
At Brussels Rentals we believe when renting your property, identifying the right marketing plan and advertising strategy is essential to finding the right tenant. Accordingly, we ensure that your property in Brussels is advertised to the widest possible market by focusing on achieving unrivaled online exposure whilst also employing traditional housing agent marketing techniques.

Viewing appointments
Should a tenant be interested in viewing your rental apartment, we will contact you to arrange the appointment with you. If you do not live in Brussels, or you cannot do the viewing yourself, due to other reasons, our property managers can coordinate and/or conduct the viewing in Brussels for you.

Tenants background check
Running a thorough background check on prospective expat tenants is absolutely necessary to ensure protection of your property and your profits. Property management professionals at Brussels Rentals perform a credit history check, employment verification and criminal history check. By performing all forms of a background check, landlords can increase their chances of renting to ideal tenants.

Lease preparation
Rental housing management services in Brussels Rentals also include setting up a rental contract for landlords. Our property experts prepare a legally binding tenancy agreement, based on current legislation, to suit particular circumstances of home owners. In general this will be for a period of ideally 12 months. At the end of the fixed term a new contract can be signed or it can continue on a month to month basis.

Property Inventory
A professionally produced and detailed inventory is an essential requirement for landlords to protect your property. The inventory lists all furnishings, fixtures, fittings plus their condition. They are used to list the condition of fixtures and fittings at the beginning and end of the tenancy to avoid any disagreements. Rental property managers in Brussels Rentals will conduct the critical check out inspection and record the changes in the property taking further photographs where appropriate.

Letting Fee
We charge 8% over the first 12 months plus 21% VAT. Should the rental period be shorter than 12 months, you are only obliged to pay 8% over the number of months rented. Should a tenant depart earlier using the diplomatic clause, we will settle any outstanding compensation over the remaining period with the new rental agreement You do not pay for advertising or other charges related to renting your property

Management Fee
Renting out a property is easier said than done and should be taken very seriously. Experience, expertise and market knowledge are crucial for maintaining quality rentals. Amsterdam Rentals property management unburdens you of the many tasks involved in the renting process. We can provide you with the most suitable property management plan at a cost of 10% of the monthly rental income, excl.21% VAT and are happy to discuss this with you in person at your convenience.

We are here to help!
We are available throughout the entire rental process and we will help you: If you have questions or problems with the rental, you can always contact us. We also keep in touch with the tenant and act as a mediator, when necessary.

Financial and administration management: We take care of your entire rental administration, from the rental agreement to collecting the deposit and monthly rental payments, processing annual rental increases, paying maintenance costs and sending reminders for overdue payments.

Residential management: Whether you are letting or re-letting your property, Brussels Rentals’ roadmap can assist you in defining a candidate profile, searching for and selecting potential tenants, arranging viewings and drafting rental agreements and inspections. There is no additional brokerage fee.

Maintenance and technical management: As the first point of contact for tenants (during office hours), Brussels Rentals takes ownership of any issues that arise concerning the rental property, such as inspections, supervising and monitoring maintenance work and checking to ensure that the tenancy agreement is complied with (by both parties).

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