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10th July 2019
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Things to do in Brussels

As the capital of Belgium, there is an abundance of exciting things to do in Brussels. With a population of 1.3 million, there needs to be a lot of variances to cater to everyone’s needs. Brussels is full of life and energy, with history beaming out of every corner. From historic landmarks, botanical gardens & quirky museums to indulgent restaurants, beer tours through to the downright extraordinary sights including the Mannekin Pis & the Atomium, (The Atomium is a 100 metre tall statue of an atom).

You honestly can’t complain about having anything to do when living in Brussels, because there is just too much to choose from, so no excuses.

If you're thinking about moving to Brussels for over a year, we have a large range of fully furnished properties available for long term rent. Perfect for you to move in straight away, allowing you to go and enjoy the wonderful city.

Top 10 Rated Attractions in Brussels

  1. Grand Place
  2. Musee des Beaux-Arts d’Ixelles
  3. Royal Museum of the Armed Forces & Military History
  4. Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert
  5. Autoworld
  6. Musical Instruments Museum (MIM)
  7. Mini-Europe
  8. Train World
  9. St Michael & St Gudula Cathedral
  10. Town Hall (Hotel de Ville)
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For the architecture lovers

The capital city of Art Nouveau

Magnificent buildings laden the streets. With a prominent ‘Art Nouveau' inspiration. From Victor Horta’s influence with beautiful townhouses that are crafted with meticulous detail and industrial materials that have since been given the status of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you get a chance to visit Hotel Tassel, Solvay or van Eetvelde then definitely take the time.

Dating back to Medieval times

Gothic landmarks take you back to the medieval days with their grand stature and magnificent vaulted ceilings, enormous stained-glass & windows stains displaying biblical scenes. Prime examples to visit and explore is Brussels City Hall, Notre Dame Du Sablon, St Michael & St Gudula Cathedral. They’re free to enter allowing you to take in the history of the city and educate yourself without having to spend anything.

Nightlife in Brussels

Brussels has nightlife for everyone. Whether you are looking for a place to dance all night long or relaxing with your friends have a chill round of drinks. With a mix of clubs, cafes lounge bars, sports bars & pubs the options are open for you to pick and choose depending on your mood. The clubs aren’t all located in one place meaning no matter where you reside in the city, your traveling won’t be an issue. (There are no maximum opening hours or alcohol sales restrictions, so you can go as wild as you want)!.

Even during the week, the social scene is booming. With outdoor drinking venues being a common thing in Brussels, you can partake in street drinks. On a Thursday it’s basically the norm to go for drinks after work. With many bars serving you with unreal cocktails.

A range of bars, alcohol brands, cafés formed a Friday night venue known as “De Stad Apéros Urbain”. The venue is in a different outdoor spot in the city every week keeping it exciting and new every time! Imagine an open-air party that goes from 5 pm to midnight with great music, large crowds within the city’s most beautiful parks and pieces of architecture. Best of all there are no entry fees!

There is no shortage of museums in Brussels

80 museums to visit! At least 80 anyways. Some are extremely popular with tourists and locals alike. But there are also a lot of hidden gems tucked away for you to rifle through. From chocolate villages to the iconic comic strip. To the beloved Tintin art gallery, a miniature Europe, the mass amount of wonderful art galleries are certainly enough to fill up your weekends if you’re ever stuck for something to do.

If like me, you’re an avid lover of cars and anything that has a motor then Autoworld should be one of your first trips when arriving in Brussels. Located within Park Cinquantenaire, Autoworld showcases a vast ocean of motoring history with around 1000 vehicles from decades ago through to the cars of the future.

This year they have an exposition to celebrate Porsche’s 70th anniversary, Mini’s 60th anniversary and Bentleys 100 year anniversary! So you know that some of the world's most luxurious & funkiest cars will be there. If you’re a fan of classic cars & racing cars then you’re going to be in paradise.

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A list of museums in Brussels wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t mention Belgium’s favourite drink. Take a trip to the Schaerbeek Museum of Beer. They offer an insightful overview of brewing in Brussels and beyond. With more than 1000 beer bottles. The volunteers there explain the beer-making process and they even have their own brewed beer, which you can only drink at the museum’s bar, so it’s one you can brag about knowing hardly anyone else will have had it.

There is way too much for us to discuss so you’re going to have to go out and explore for yourself. Thankfully here at Brussels Rentals, we have properties available for long-term rent across the city of Brussels. So you have plenty of time for adventuring.

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