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13th December 2019
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8 Reasons to Rent an Apartment in Brussels

8 Reasons to Rent an Apartment in Brussels

Brussels is a city of culture and diversity and a great place for people looking to relocate. Here are some reasons why you would want to relocate and rent an apartment in Brussels, besides work or education. 

1. It’s Location

Situated in the middle of Belgium, Brussels is located alongside many other major European cities that are just a short distance away via train or airplane. It’s a neighbour to; The Netherlands, France, Germany, and Luxembourg which are less than two hours away. London is also easily accessible by train, car or plane.

2. It’s Architecture 

Brussels is filled with extraordinary architecture and art, located beyond just the touristic areas of the city. One of the most well-known structures is the Grote Markt, filled with an extravagant city hall, numerous elaborate 16th-century guildhalls, and many delicious restaurants and cafes to dine in whilst taking into account the wonderful interior architecture. During the 19th Century, a huge number of structures from schools to private homes were built according to the Art Nouveau style and nearly 500 of these still remain. To view these there are plenty of guided tours as part of the Biennial Art Nouveau Event so you can explore the architecture! 

Renting an apartment in Brussels means you can appreciate the architecture on a daily basis, as well as the art deco, gothic, neoclassical and neo-renaissance structures located throughout the city such as: 

  • The Galeries Saint-Hubert (the world’s oldest shopping mall)
  • Maison Cauchie
  • The Atomium 
  • Maison Delune 
  • Stoclet House
  • St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral 
  • Musical Instruments Museum 
  • Flagey 

3. It’s World Class Healthcare System 

The Belgian healthcare system is arguably the best in Europe, and is one of the few countries in the world that spend more than 10% on their healthcare. If you decide to rent an apartment in Brussels, you must carry out the proper registration then you will be entitled to the subsidised health care provided you have state or private health care insurance. Belgium has previously ranked ahead of countries like Germany and Denmark for their healthcare and was especially praised for its easy accessibility and quickest access to healthcare services over any other destination in Europe. 

4. It’s Public Transport

Brussels transport system is well-organised, efficient and affordable, meaning you can save money on car costs! It consists of metros, trams, buses and night busses, making it easy for everyone to navigate around the city and in the neighboring towns. The quickest way to travel around is via the metro, where artwork decorates the walls! 

5. It’s Cultural Diversity

The culture of Brussels is a mix of the French south and the Flemish north and has a dynamic international atmosphere fueled by expats from all around the world. Because it is home to thousands of multinational companies and hosts more than 1000 business conferences annually, Brussels is even more attractive to professionals wanting to work abroad. The number of expats now living in Brussels is estimated at around 220,000 and the only other places to equal this are New York City and Washington DC. 

6. It’s Chocolate!

Brussels is commonly known as the chocolate capital of the world! Belgian chocolatiers are world-renowned and have been making chocolate for well over a century and Brussels has MORE chocolate factories than anywhere else in the world. Wanting to go on a chocolate making experience? Just by typing this in on google there are over 30 chocolate factories you can visit to do this. 

7. It’s Parks and Greenery 

Want to experience city life whilst being surrounded by wonderful, peaceful greenery? Brussels is regarded as one of the greenest capital cities in Europe and is home to numerous parks, gardens, and forests which are all extremely taken care of. Make sure you visit; 

  • Bois de la Cambre
  • Cinquantenaire Park
  • Woluwe Park 
  • Foret de Soignes 
  • Josaphat Park
  • Brussels Park

The parks are beautiful all year round, in summer they are filled with people enjoying the sun and having picnics.

8. It’s Wonderful Apartments to Rent!

Brussels properties are extremely impressive not only do they offer beautiful, contemporary interior, large spaces, but you get to experience all of the above! As well as renting somewhere which is extremely good value for money. Here are some of our top picks of apartments for rent in Brussels: 

Modern 2 Bedroom Apartment 
property 1

This beautiful, spacious fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment is situated in a brand new building in the City Centre. There are numerous restaurants, bars, and shops in the vicinity, so the area is both quiet and lively. The open plan living/ kitchen/ diner and neutral colours make the space larger and make it perfect for a gathering! The tram or metro is just a short walk away from the building where you can travel virtually anywhere in Brussels. 

Modern 1 Bedroom Apartment 
property 2

This lovely, fully equipped, fully furnished 1 bedroom apartment is based on the 5th floor and boasts a large terrace area. Although the apartment is only 1 bedroomed, this does not mean it is small, it is a fully open plan, with a large dining table, kitchen and living area. Based only a short walk away from Luxembourg train station and Luxembourg square you will never be short of things to do or places to go! 

Modern 3 Bedroom Apartment 
property 3

This beautiful and spacious 3 bedrooms 2 bathroom has just been built, and although it's not furnished the impressive price and size make up for this, this also allows you and your friends/ family to put your own personal touch on the place. 

Like any of these apartments? Or want help in looking for apartments to rent in Brussels? Get in touch today we would be happy to help!  

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