Why Brussels Rentals



We're Different

We are not your average rental housing agency. In fact, we're proudly not average anything. Our mission is to Improve the Quality of Life, and we do that by always keeping your needs as our top priority. You will feel the difference the moment you speak with one of our agents..

Focused on You

In Brussels Rentals our entire business model is built around our clients' individual goals. It's a caring way of taking the time to listen and deliver solutions that make such an important process such as renting out your home in Brussels a better and less stressful experience.



We don’t pretend to know everything. Years of experience in rental property management, preparation of contracts, check-in and check-out management, and customer relations give us a certain expertise. We leverage that expertise for proven results and exceptional client service.

Want more reasons?

Why don’t we let our clients do the talking? For a list of references, please contact us. Our clients would be happy to give you more reasons to choose Brussels Rentals as your personal rental agent.

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8 Reasons to Rent an Apartment in Brussels

Brussels is a city of culture and diversity and a great place for people looking to relocate. Here are some reasons why you would want to relocate and rent an apartment in Brussels, besides work or education.  1. It’s Location Situated in the middle of Belgium, Brussels is located alongside many other major European cities that are just a short...

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3 of the Best Places to Rent in Brussels

Nestled in the heart of Europe is Brussels, the world-famous capital city of Belgium. It’s known for being a place that is perfect for expats wanting to live a European lifestyle. And with easy access to countries such as Germany, France and the Netherlands, it offers residents the chance to get out and explore. As well as this, there are also plenty o...

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Things to Know Before Renting in Brussels

When living in Brussels, there are plenty of things to do. Known for its cuisine, gastronomy and historical and architectural landmarks, there’s a whole host of places to visit in Brussels. Although getting a place to rent in what is the biggest metropolitan area of Belgium can be an exciting time, it can also be very daunting. There are a few very imp...

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What it’s Like Living in Brussels

There are many reasons why you should consider Brussels as the next place to secure a humble abode. It’s a quirky and exciting area that offers residents a relaxed way of life. Renowned for having intricate Art Nouveau architecture while also being a hub for international politics, Brussels provides you with so much to see and do. But what is it really...

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